WhY the workday?

Flourishing Communities Make Their Most Vulnerable Members Central.

We believe that caring for your neighbor is practical and that MOST of us are actually lucky enough to have the margin in our lives to be able to generously provide to make sure none of our neighbors lack basic needs. By providing home repairs for widows & seniors in our community we are able to make sure that the most vulnerable among us are cared for and connected to safe community. We think that’s foundational to sustainable, flourishing community. We truly believe that you can measure how much a community is or isn’t flourishing by how well the MOST VULNERABLE members within it are cared for and connected.

That’s why The Workday exists as a ministry of RestoreOKC. To do practical deeds of justice and mercy that increase the safety, connection & physical beauty for our Northeast Oklahoma City neighbors.


what makes Northeast okc home repair needs unique?

Redlining is an unethical practice that puts services out of reach for residents of certain areas based on race. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was passed to help protect minority individuals from these discriminatory practices. But, this means many of our elderly homeowners are first generation homeowners. Their home is their biggest asset & legacy and they’re willing to stay even when they are in disrepair. Title documents are often complex, putting traditional city services out of reach. This is why we exist.



The Workday fixed my roof before it became a huge problem. Plus, they showed my son the importance of helping others so that someday he’ll grow up and help someone else. It goes both ways.”
— wise neighbor
My roof leaked for more than 10-years. My title work wasn’t clean due to some deaths in the family so I wasn’t eligible for city services or grant funded programs, and I couldn’t afford to fix it. Workday helped me apply for Legal Aid, but didn’t wait to make the repair as I had developed a lung condition as a result of the mold exposure. They re-roofed my home & tore out all the drywall so I am no longer living in mold.
— Northeast OKC Widow/Senior/Neighbor/FRIEND
My mother hadn’t had running water in her home for years, except a trickle from the bathtub and even then it was only cold. Workday gave my mom a working kitchen sink and some other small repairs to help her age in her home safely.
— neighbor of restoreokc
City citations were piling up due to peeling paint and I didn’t know how I could ever afford them, much less the paint. My home is my only asset, so this left me wondering what was next. Workday stepped in and worked with me, the city & a group of volunteers who painted my home.
— Dear Friend/neighbor/senior



We’ll do our best to serve you and get you connected to other partner services to make sure that your long-term needs are met and you are surrounded by a safe community who cares for you.  


About Us

a community reflecting the god of refuge

We think having a home that is safe, dry & warm or cool is critical to basic existence in Oklahoma. Our summers top 100 degrees, we have severe storms. We don’t think any of our widows or seniors should live with leaking roofs or broken windows. They are too susceptible to being taken advantage of and we aren’t ok with that. We partner with other programs like Rebuilding Together & Habitat for Humanity, but we don’t take grant funding as it restricts us from being able to meet the needs that are particular to many of our community residents. If people are eligible for their services, we make the connection. If they are not, we enter in as the church and are able to make the repair & get people connected.